Carding for Beginners

Hey Guys today I will give few tips for noobs in carding (feel free to comment any questions.)

Step 1: Always use atleast a good no logs VPN (no logs mean no logs doesn't matter if it meant for troubleshooting purposes) and encrypt your hdd *I'm sure you can find hundreds of tuts on it! if not please make a encrypted hidden container save your fraud stuff in it or USE a removable memory cards or USB 3.0 and encrypt it.

Step 2: Make your device (either laptop or android) Clean! what it means? it means clear you cookies history cache to do it you can use Bleachbit and CCleaner.
Step 3: Find a Good sock or ssh and connect (use proxifier) at or don't have a account make one or buy one! go for for ssh. you can also use RDP for portability but make sure ip is good enough and not a commercial if it is then use socks in it!

Step 4: Check for DNS leaks at either check2ip or or check if everything looks good even time you can ignore webrtc if you are using a VPN and confirm its not showing your real IP. VPN usually fill in their own IP if you use proxy which is fine. And to check if your Fingerprint is good! just check for "RED" if you a noob.

Step 5: Your site can be a easy "Thank You" or "Bitchy" that is why "Carding is An Art"
Try fresh email (not temp. mail they are shit) use gmail, yahoo or outlook they are enough for starters. or goto and buy a private email! its a pretty good site. Goto Site browse that website a little bit like 5-15 minutes randomly now go search find your item add to cart (DO NOT EVER USE DIRECT LINKS) > Continue Checkout > Type in Billing details as you received with credit card and shipping as your drop address (remember to use same name on both and use same state CC at least for higher success rate)
If site is medium level or low level security should pass your order and Give you "thank you"
If not try these:
➤Try sending a low price product to billing address first if they ship it then card your higher $$ to your drop.
➤Use a aged account which has at least one order in past one month look around you can find many sellers in marker easily. Aged accounts seems to have higher success rate.
➤Call bank (if you have fullz) add your drop as Card Holder's Temp address and then use Billing and Shipping as your drop and name of card holder while carding 99% chances for approval of order!

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