Basic Technique of Android Hacking

In this tutorial i will show you how to hack android devices easily.. 
The technique is to embed a security hole in an example Pubg apk,

Requirements: Any Linux distribution, Internet Acess, java 8 or above, jar signer and apk tool installed..

The steps to embed a Meterpreter in an APK file without errors are as follows:

1. Download any APK

2. Disassemble with “apktool” the Metasploit APK file and the APK file you are trying to modify.

3. Copy all the smalter code from Meterpreter to the new smali directory of the APK.

4. Find the code entry point inside the AndroidManifest.xml file of the APK application by searching for the line: <action android: name = "android.intent.action.MAIN" />

5. Modify the “.smali” file of the activity to include a line that starts the Meterpreter stage.

6. Copy all the Meterpreter permissions of the AndroidManifest.xml in the AndroidManifest.xml of the modified APK.

7. Re-assemble in compressed DEX format.

8. Sign the newly created APK file with "jarsigner", and then send to the victim's Android device by doing social engineering....

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