Microsoft Office 365 Absolutely Free | Get Student Benefit Without EDU mail

With this method you can get free office 365 for more than one year..
Step 1: First go to This link.

Step 2: Now, open this website in another tab and copy the email in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Paste it on the other site and click sign up as student.

Step 4: Enter your name (You can use any fake name to create acc.).

Step 5: Go back to the other site and look for a mail and copy the verification code and paste it on the first site.

Step 6: Click start, Boom you got free Account..

Step 7: Skip the invitations and enjoy your account... That's All.

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Anonymous said...

perfectly worked!!!

Anonymous said...

in order to verify my idendity Micrososft asks me a mobile number. How can i do?thanks

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