Deep Web Levels (full explanation)

In order to better understand the concept of Deep Web, it is necessary to look at the structure of the internet. The Internet consists of multi-level layers. Content, security and accessibility differ in each layer. It would be useful to visualize the movie Matrix in your eyes.

Level 0 (Common Web): It is the layer that makes up the internet we use daily.

Level 1 (Surface Web): LSurface Internet. To reach the internet you need to make some simple queries through the search engines. Security cameras servers, Access databases are examples. Temp mail services provide this level of service on sites that provide DNS inquiry services.

Level 2 (Bergie Web): Internet only. At this level, there are sites where search engines lock search results, FTP servers, non-indexed adult movies. You may need to make detailed queries in the search engines to reach. Many sites that enter this level are thrown to the last pages in the search results. This level is the last level you can reach in normal ways

---- Requires the use of a proxy to access the next layers. ----

Level 3 (Deep Web): Beginner Deep Web Level. Is divided into two.

1. Proxy Level: It is the level where there are any .onion sites but all kinds of illegal sites. Often they are not indexed by search engines. Many use servers. It is found in PHP coding sites. Examples of those at this level are: Illegal research results, mildly illegal adult movies, hacker groups, viruses, script threats, celebrity scandals, VIP rumors, computer security related issues, assassination videos, etc. These contents are generally hosted on illegal forum-style sites

---- It requires the use of tor to access the next layers .----

2. TOR Level: .onion is the level at which sites are involved. The sites are generally on personal servers. To give an example to those at this level: ELIZA data, hacked servers information, data traders, secret government documents, wikileaks documents, spies selling state secrets, terrorist organizations, bomb and weapon training, federal information, intelligence secrets, illegal scientific research, scientists, shell network, assembly programmers, real hackers, microsoft confidential network information, security and data analysts etc. These contents are generally hosted on html coding sites and personal servers. Server owners can do anything to protect their servers.

Level 4 (Charter Web): Exclusive Deep Web Level. It is not easy to reach this level, but if you can reach it, there will be little things that will return to you. Is divided into two.

1. TOR Level: It is the level that can be reached only by using Tor browser without doing anything additional. At this level; secret company and market information, predefined million betting results, bilion dollar sales, world-famous weapon smugglers, tank-missile-defense system sales, banned movies - videos - books - music, government spies on top positions, important sound recordings, mercenaries soldiers, mercenary armies, mercenary special teams, black boxes, excessively illegal and forbidden adult content, sex tapes of government officials, detailed secret wiki encyclopedias, human trafficking, drug trafficking, trade of prohibited chemicals and drugs, trade of blood kidnapped from blood banks, child ** There are things like ***, vampires' search for people to kill, search for human subjects for illegal experiments, snipers, mafia, pedopholies. General of this level consists of .onion sites. It is from dangerous levels.

---- After that, closed access is required. ----

2. Special Access Level: It is the level that can not be controlled absolutely. It is the most dangerous level ever achieved. Tor browsers are insufficient for you to reach. There is a special method of reaching called "Closed Shell System". If we want to give an example of what is at this level: AI measurement machines, AI processors, GGGEQP processors, Tesla's plans, crystalline power controllers, weather-changing devices, hidden HAARP projects, the location of Atlantis, and hidden research about Atlantis. detailed locations of the location, plans of custom-made engines, those who do not accept God and their proofs, masons, illuminati, secret algorithms and calculations, global terror network, global murder network, global drug network, global human trafficking network, supercomputers and artificial intelligence etc. etc. Scientists make up the entire category. All of the sites are on personal servers or private servers. There are proven experiments that will change the world when applied at this level. Normal computers and internet networks may be insufficient to reach.

The levels described so far constitute 80% of Deep Web. So what's the remaining 20%?

---- From here on, devices that use Quantum technology and the Internet are required. ----

Level 5 (Marianas Web): We don't know much about this level. Because it has not been reached yet. The technology we use now is insufficient to reach this level. We need computers and the internet that work with quantum technology. It is one of the most dangerous levels known. It takes its name from the deepest hole in the world, Mariana Trench. The limits of the level are uncertain, but it has an end. It is known that the sites in it can change the world. For this level, it is said that “If it is reached one day, the war on the internet will end”. Many scientists in high-tech R&D laboratories are said to have reached this level and shared information. It has been stated by some scientific circles that the information contained here has the power to change the life of the whole world and to dominate the world. Some states and hacker groups are also said to have access to these systems, but there is no information on this. According to reports leaked from some scientific circles, nuclear missiles around the world can be operated with the information here. It is alleged that intelligence agencies offer jobs to hackers here to destroy nuclear systems.

Level 6: It is the most dangerous level known. There is no information about. Its borders are uncertain and its end is uncertain. It has not been able to access even with the most advanced technology.

Level 7 (The Fog / Virus Soup): The 7th level is called the war zone. If one day can be reached, everyone will fight for themselves. The aim is to prevent other people from reaching level 8.

Level 8 (The Primarch System): Level 8 is not directly accessible. It is controlled by a Primarch System that neither a government or organization nor anyone knows exactly. This system was first discovered by chance in the 2000s. The system sends random commands that are unresponsive and cannot be changed across the internet. Level 8 uses "level 17 quantum t.r.001 level function lock", which is a huge processing power that today's computers cannot handle. Finally, level 8 is referred to as the "Last Boss of the Internet".
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