Dedsec Spamming full course [Hindi/Urdu]

1 Introduction To Spamming
2 How You Can Get Valid Emails
3 How To Filter Valid Emails
4 How You Can Extract Emails
5 Make Undetecable Letters
6 How To Make Encrypt Letters
7 How You Can Make Undetecable Scampage
8 How to Send Mail Inbox Via Sendblaster
9 How you Can Safety From Spamming last part
10 2020 Paypal Scampage Code Introduce
11 Amazon Scampage Setup
12 Amazon Valid Email Checker
13 Amazon Valid Emails Checker With Mails Access
14 Apple Scampage Undetecable
15 Chase Bank Scampage Undetecable
16 Ebay Valid Email Checker
17 GX40 Using Send Inbox Mail
18 Inbox Live Send Proof
19 Netflix Scampage
20 Netflix Valid Emails Checker
21 Office 365 Valid Email Checker
22 PayPal Scampage Undetecable
23 Paypal Valid Emails Checker
24 Second Chase Bank Scampage For Email
Note: No Media player Required, 720p Full Hd Cam recorded

Anonymous said...

Is this a full course sir? All the videos in here sir? Please reply

Anonymous said...

thanks boss

Anonymous said...

do not seems to be full videos are avilable...but thanxx :)

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