Website Hacking Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting Course (zsecurity)

What you'll learn:   
·         90+ Videos to take you from a beginner to advanced in website hacking.
·         Create a hacking lab & needed software (on Windows, OS X and Linux).
·         Become a bug bounty hunters & discover bug bounty bugs!
·         Discover, exploit and mitigate a number of dangerous web vulnerabilities.
·         Exploit these vulnerabilities to hack into web servers.
·         Bypass security & advanced exploitation of these vulnerabilities.
·         Advanced post exploitation - hack other websites on the same server, dump the database, privilege escalation....etc
·         Bypass security & filters.
·         Intercept requests using a proxy.
·         Adopt SQL queries to discover and exploit SQL injections in secure pages.
·         Gain full control over target server using SQL injections.
·         Discover & exploit blind SQL injections.
·         Install Kali Linux - a penetration testing operating system.
·         Learn linux commands and how to interact with the terminal.
·         Learn linux basics.
·         Understand how websites & web applications work.
·         Understand how browsers communicate with websites.
·         Gather sensitive information about websites.
·         Discover servers, technologies & services used on target website.
·         Discover emails & sensitive data associated with a specific website.
·         Find all subdomains associated with a website.
·         Discover unpublished directories & files associated with a target website.
·         Find all websites hosted on the same server as the target website.
·         Discover, exploit and fix file upload vulnerabilities.
·         Exploit advanced file upload vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website.
·         Discover, exploit and fix code execution vulnerabilities.
·         Exploit advanced code execution vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website.
·         Discover, exploit & fix local file inclusion vulnerabilities.
·         Exploit local file inclusion vulnerabilities to to get a shell.
·         Exploit advanced local file inclusion vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website.
·         Exploit advanced remote file inclusion vulnerabilities & gain full control over the target website.
·         Discover, fix, and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities.
·         Bypass login forms and login as admin using SQL injections.
·         Writing SQL queries to find databases, tables and sensitive data such as usernames ad passwords using SQL injections
·         Bypass filtering, and login as admin without password using SQL injections.
·         Bypass filtering and security measurements.
·         Read / Write files to the server using SQL injections.
·         Patch SQL injections quickly.
·         Learn the right way to write SQL queries to prevent SQL injections.
·         Discover basic & advanced reflected XSS vulnerabilities.
·         Discover basic & advanced stored XSS vulnerabilities.
·         How to use BeEF framwork.
·         Hook users to BeEF using reflected & XSS vulnerabilities.
·         Steal credentials from hooked targets.
·         Run javascript code on hooked targets.
·         Create undetectable backdoors.
·         Hack computers using XSS vulnerabilities.
·         Fix XSS vulnerabilities & protect yourself from them as a user.
·         What do we mean by brute force & wordlist attacks.
·         Create a wordlist or a dictionary.
·         Launch a wordlist attack and guess admin's password.
·         Discover all of the above vulnerabilities automatically using a web proxy.
·         Run system commands on the target webserver.
·         Access the file system (navigate between directories, read/write files).
·         Download, upload files.
·         Bypass security measurements.
·         Access all websites on the same webserver.
·         Connect to the database and execute SQL queries or download the whole database to the local machine.
·         Discover, exploit and mitigate CSRF vulnerabilities.

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