Ethical Hacking: Beginners to Advanced level (Ratings 4.7+)

What you'll learn

  • Learn ethical hacking
  • Install Latest Kali Linux 2020 & how to interact with the terminal.
  • Hack into websites and servers
  • Hack Android Phone
  • Hide your ip and stay anonymous
  • Perform social engineering attacks using tools and techniques
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • Automated tools for SQL injections and website hacking
  • How one can get access to all the username and passwords saved in Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook & Wifi networks in just 1 click
  • How you can manage all the saved passwords in system so it does not get hacked.
  • Tools used to hack or recover Passwords.


  • Basic IT knowledge.
  • Everything is free and transparently open.
  • No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.


Ethical Hacking: Beginners to Advanced level.

Latest Kali Linux 2020: Hack into systems like a black hat hacker using the best hacking tools.

This course is going to highly practical.


What we cover in this course:

  • Physical Hacking Gain access to all the usernames and passwords stored in system in just 1 click.
  • Kali Linux 2020 latest version Setup and installation process, Terminal & Linux commands, Network commands.
  • Hide your ip address Stay anonymous while performing attacks and accessing dark web.
  • Information Gathering All the tools and techniques to gather information of your user or website.
  • Bug Bounty Programs Choose your target, find bug against the program and earn money.
  • Hack into servers Discovering information related to servers and exploiting it. And practice attacks on Metasploitable virtual machine.
  • Website Hacking Discovering sensitive files and data on website, SQL injections and exploiting database. Use automated tools for sql injections and website hacking.
  • Social Engineering Hack any website or social media credentials, Powerful Beef Framework and how cybercriminals steal data.
  • Hack Android Phones using shell access

We will cover all aspects with different techniques and tools. We will start with terminology and integrate it the practical usage and hand on experiences.

At the end of the course, you will easily understand what hacking is and how you can take necessary precautions for yourself or for your organization.

This course is focused on the practical side and includes the beginner to advanced level sessions. So you don’t need to have a previous knowledge of Kali Linux or Ethical Hacking.

Who this course is for:

  • There is no need of any experience.
  • Anyone who want to learn ethical hacking.
  • Beginners interested in making career in Cyber Security.

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