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Hey guys I'm Masoom Malik
I just want to provide Everything Related to IT in one Place.
saifalikhan786 said...

hyi sir ,
my self ali khan. am also learning the internet of things , cyber security and ethical hacking just because i want help my community and i want to save my country. I request to u sir porsonaly pls teach me what is the correct way to learning ethical hacking .....

i can't contact u but i know u contact me pls contact me on whatsapp +917580999404

pls help me

Anonymous said...

Hello Masoom,
Thank you for the good work that you are doing. Can you please make a section in your blog where you can mention similar websites as your website?

Anonymous said...

Hello Masoom,
I personally did not think that getting this much information and data in one place would be possible especially now that information is more expensive than ever. So thank you for compiling this and making it available to the public for free.

Masoom Malik said...

Thank you guys for your support

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